Dr. Amit Verma


Digitalisation in the Medical Education sector can bring up remarkable changes in the current pattern of Medical Education. We at AMCI have tried our best to bring the digital support system for continuous Medical Education. An effort to provide the content equipped platform with means of technologies for the medical aspirants with the best ease of understanding.

" Doctor Banogee Tou Jindagi Bhar Padna Padega ...... "

I heard this in my childhood from that age, Till I persisted the MD I used to keep reading textbooks in demand to be last updated but it couldn’t store my Professors' Talks/Lectures towards my subject knowledge, As they were spontaneous. Coming ahead in future we decided to deliver a platform where we can store our entire Academics & Clinical Journey, and going forward we became successful one of our products AMCI MEDWHIZ LMS, Is medical content equipped with an advanced Digital Learning Management System which is utilised by Institution/ Professors/ Students as the part of there Teaching And Learning tool.

AMCI MEDWHIZ is a pocket device that Defines & Deliver the best outcomes of the Medical world journey, As a digital platform that connects & allows to Share & Learn with no Time & Place limit, Medical Aspirants across the world can participate to share their experience which itself helps to update & upgrade our knowledge to the best.

" My message to our Doctors & Medical Aspirants is to welcome you all at AMCI MEDWHIZ family to maintain the legacy of our Medical & Clinical inspiring journey experience for the World "

Dr. Swapna Singh


Dr Swapna Singh is the Co-Founder & CEO of AMCI Edtech Pvt Ltd. We welcome you at AMCI, Where we deliberately working towards the upliftment of continuous Medical Education by adding Innovative Technologies for simplifying the subjective knowledge through Digitalised Platform, We believe in discovering the platform where medicine could be learnt & experienced with no time & place foundation with best of concept visualization effect.

" GururBrahma GururVishnu GururDevo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha "

A guru is the one who discovers your world, following the path where you can always be connected with your Guru. AMCI has introduced the traditional way of teaching with the most advanced Digital Medical content equipped learning/ teaching blended with Management System, Where Students/ Medical Professors have the liberty to preserve their lectures while sharing their day to day clinical experience. This doesn’t limit, Here a single platform from the perspective of teaching/learning till your patient treatment along with your patient education has been smoothly & effectively taken care of, Where it provides a freedom of knowledge while walking in the digital world of AMCI, in return AMCI connects your every dot's & fulfill not the only institutional purpose but also a social responsibility by spreading Digital Medical Education & Health Educative Program. Imagine the power of the AMCI digital world where the Country's best upcoming Doctors & Paramedics get trained with effective real-time clinical knowledge & Digital Patient Management with a Health Educative Program.

AMCI is proud to announce the first and the best medicine for introducing digital content equipped platforms where Teaching / Learning with patient handling is done in one click.

As an Entrepreneur, My message to all my readers is this is a digital era where we must walk together with our values to make it better day by day. Let us join hands in making an Educated & Healthy Nation.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Shukla


The era of education as a 100-meter sprint is over. Now, this is more like Tour de France, which will test you throughout life. The Only way out for a current generation of students to contribute meaningfully in the future is if they become lifelong learners and master the art of resilience, adaptation, mitigation, innovation and reinvent themselves to turn challenges into opportunities and vulnerability into strength. AMCI, the most robust digital knowledge infrastructure, is that platform that will make you win this race.

We can understand what happened millions of years ago because light travels millions of miles connecting the past to the future.
We are human because DNA recorded and transmitted biological pieces of information across generations.
Similarly, Medwhiz, the most robust Digital knowledge infrastructure, makes education timeless, universal, personalized, efficient, inclusive, impactful, and immortal. In addition, it makes participants more active, informed, engaged, and accountable.

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